Young Living Awarded Two Green Globes from the Green Building Initiative

Young Living has been honored with two Green Globes certifications for “its dedication to energy efficiency, sustainability and reducing environmental impacts in building construction and management” by the Green Building Initiative, a nonprofit that collaborates with organizations to improve building performance and reduce climate impacts.

“This level of sustainability is a significant accomplishment and a realization to a 15-year long dream of my husband D. Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, who set our standard in being a leader and example of green practices,” said Mary Young, co-founder and CEO of Young Living. “We are so proud of our construction teams and building managers who have created a headquarters to match the Young Living mission and continue to achieve goals in which we can create a better world for all of us by taking care of our Earth.”

The awards were given based on the company’s U.S. global headquarters. Highlights of the building’s certification include energy efficiency for its solar panels, vehicle charging stations and LED lighting; recyclable materials and intensive recycling system; on-site fitness and wellness facilities and outdoor bike lockers; large, organic growing walls and an indoor landscaped garden that naturally refreshes and humidifies the air.