Xyngular Acquires Symmetry Global

Xyngular, the health and wellness company located in Lehi, Utah, recently acquired Houston, Texas-based Symmetry Global, the direct seller of nutraceutical and nutritional solutions.

“Symmetry is a well-established, long-standing network marketing company that has an extension to the health and wellness story we’ve already started,” said Xyngular CEO Russ Fletcher. “We believe the combination of their field and their product line were a good matching set with what we are trying to do.”

The acquisition now gives Xyngular a presence in the Asia-Pacific arena—specifically, the Philippines—and the Caribbean market through an already established company. “International expansion has always been on our radar, but we were in no hurry,” said Fletcher. “We’ve always said we wanted to go into international expansion from a position of strength, and this gives us a chance to build our strength with a company that already has a proven track record in the Philippine market.”

The Symmetry product line includes nutraceutical solutions Cardio 5000, JuveBrew and Mega Juice as well as nutritional solutions Botana C and Ultra Vitality Crystals. In addition, Symmetry offers weight management and herbal solutions. Symmetry was founded in 1995 by Rudy Revak, the principle owner of Xyngular.

With the deal, Symmetry distributors will now become part of Xyngular’s salesforce, which is currently comprised of 33,000 distributors in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada. Symmetry’s executive team members, including CEO Brandon Langer, are pursuing other interests.

“Part of the reason this made such a good fit for us was because of the leadership Brandon was already providing to the [Symmetry] field, and his hope and desire that they could be part of a much larger group with a very bright future,” said Fletcher.

Xyngular was founded in 2009 and posted revenue of $59 million in 2016. The company’s first products supported weight loss, but have expanded to offer complete nutritional support. Xyngular’s products, include its top seller Global Blend and Prime for men and Shine for women.

Last month, Xyngular was named one of the best places to work in 2017 by Direct Selling News.

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