Well-Beyond Readies for January 2018 Launch

Well-Beyond, the Salt Lake City-Utah-based direct seller formed from the purchase of Xocai, the Healthy Chocolate Company, is preparing for its official launch in January.

Founders Jeremy Reynolds, Karen Reynolds, Jeff Graham, Porter Hall and Stephen Hall acquired Xocai, which had been founded in 2005, on May 15, 2017. They renamed the company Well-Beyond to reflect their philosophy of what they want to accomplish as a company.

“In product creation, we want to make sure the products go well beyond what people expect,” said Chief Products Officer Graham. “We also want to ensure customer service goes well beyond what people expect. And, from a personal development standpoint, we want people to believe they can go well beyond where they find themselves today, that what they are capable of is well beyond what they can imagine.”

CEO Jeremy Reynolds was a Master Distributor for Xocai for 12 years, and had previously owned VMI, a contract manufacturer of products for the direct selling channel. Graham previously developed products for companies in the channel and was an executive at two direct selling companies. Porter Hall, who spent 33 years with Arthur Andersen and one year as CEO of a health and wellness direct selling brand, handles the company financials as CFO. Stephen Hall, COO, spent 30 years at Mutual of New York, and along with Porter, created two successful companies in the fitness and merchant services industries. Karen Reynolds, also a Master Distributor at Xocai, handles public relations for the company. Rounding out the executive team is Tyler Sohm, Well-Beyond’s Chief Marketing Officer.

What attracted the founders to Xocai are the many loyal customers who continue to purchase the legacy Healthy Chocolate products, which are a collection of Belgian dark chocolates offering vital nutrients and antioxidant protection. While these remain the anchor products for the company, Well-Beyond has expanding its offerings to include three product lines that help to create a healthier lifestyle, providing customers with better sleep, enhanced focus and improved energy: XE and XE Light Natural Energy superfruit drinks that assist with mental clarity and focus; Remity dietary supplements that not only promote restful and restorative sleep but also work to improve memory, mental speed and concentration; and Well-Beyond weight management shakes.

“We want to be able to provide the content, the culture and the products to help people take that extra step,” said Graham.

Well-Beyond’s official launch is slated for Jan.18–20 in Las Vegas.