UFORIA Young Company Interview



Ron Williams

Founded: November 2018
Headquarters: St. George, Utah
Top Executive: Ron Williams, Founder & CEO
Products: Customized Nutritionals
Business Model: Network Marketing
Website: UforiaScience.com


Is there a story behind the name ÜFORIA?

First of all, the Ü is our logo—it’s happy, playful, and confident. It has a lot to do with YOU, whether it’s your self-identity or your DNA identity. They converge in the conversation of ÜFORIA Science. I also liked the way it rolled off my tongue, producing an endorphin every time we say it!

Tell us about your ‘Why’ or your vision for starting the company

What I have learned is that it’s difficult at best to be a “me too” company and product these days. I’m not saying it’s impossible, it’s just difficult. I think people always set out with good intentions, but by default, they’re trying to distinguish themselves from their market twins. These are some antics that can come from what I call “blind nutrition.” We’ve been doing blind nutrition for eight decades now of “try this and try that” and see if it works. What’s beautiful about ÜFORIA is that it brings a very transparent conversation to the table using DNA, & plant based, scientifically-proven, peer-reviewed studied ingredients as the model. The theory being no two test results alike, therefore no two formulas alike. We can make nearly 400 million unique formulas. “One is yours.”

You have a lot of experience with a prior company in the network marketing space. What did you bring or learn from that experience that you have applied to ÜFORIA?

The whole concept of my herbs grows higher on the mountain than yours, or my ORAC value is higher than yours is silly. I learned that playing this kind of comparison game just wasn’t me. I have found the best and most sustainable product in the industry is the people. Therefore, you build the people, and they— in turn—will help build your company.

Tell us a little about the startup phase, you know, what was your biggest challenge or roadblock? How did you navigate past them?

We’re basically creating a new market right now in regards to this technology. When you have something using DNA, there’s that scientific part of it, and then there’s also the clinically proven ingredients. The body heals itself when you give the body the right raw materials. It’s our opinion that ÜTRITION is a straight line of raw materials inspired by you. “Today, the wise would ask what they’re bodies will do with this product? Not vice versa.”

Do you have a home office or are you virtually-based around the country?

Our corporate team members live around North America. Our office headquarters are in St. George, Utah and the manufacturing and labs are in Dallas, Texas.

What kind of culture are you looking to create? What are your secrets for inspiring a volunteer army?

First of all, I have observed that perhaps motivation is for the uninspired. When you’re inspired, you can’t be stopped. ÜFORIA aims to create a vision bigger than all of us so that none of us can get in the way. No egos and no entitlement. Service is always greater than salesmanship. Not everybody likes to sell, but everyone can serve. This culture brings a mentality that my best work is my next work so that we can maintain our relevance day to day. What we did in the past doesn’t define us. What we’re doing now does.

What’s your leadership style?

Well, the older I get—the less I assert myself. I really only assert myself when I need to. I believe that alignment is greater than the mechanism. I believe in objectively debating the mechanism, and then voting with my team, then we align after the vote is taken. No one is allowed to go up to the sky box and say “I told you so.” Basically, you realize you’re either in alignment, or you’re in the way. It’s an objective platform where I feel the best mechanisms are brought forward. “Alignment supersedes mechanism” is our secret sauce. “Energy doesn’t lie.”

Share with us the tools and training you have created for the field

We have an amazing app that has all the bells and whistles and the tools that not only helps our members in running a business on the go but will help them magnify their business through the analytics that are included in the app. We have replicated websites for customers because this is a very customer-driven model. We also have replicated sites for those choosing to start their own ÜFORIA business.

We also have contracted with Eric Worre to use his Network Marketing Pro training for our members. We wanted great training coming out of the gate, and there is no one better at it than Eric. We feel very blessed that we are using all the best technology, training—kind of the ‘high tech, high touch’ concept. I’m a high touch guy by design, but I also understand the wars are going to be won and lost online. And so, we’re very robust that way.

What is the direct selling channel industry doing well, and where do we need to improve?

What we are doing well is the quality—the quality of management and quality of service has gone up. What we haven’t done so well, historically, is we’ve had somewhat of a boy-band mentality, you know, balloons and pyrotechnics and lottery mentalities. They come and sing their “one hit wonders” and then they disappear. I think that process right now is being weeded out—I think the tree is shaking in our industry, I think the quality is going up as far as product services and innovation. In North America, especially, it’s a very abundant culture. I think that is happening industry-wide. I love our industry. I believe in our industry 100 percent. I respect my colleagues and their companies. In my view, there are no competitors, you look in the mirror, and your best is always more than enough!

Is Amazon a competitor?

What’s amazing about our ÜFORIA model is that it’s Amazon proof, because when a person gets their very own ÜTRITION, it has their name on the label and is printed in real time. So, nobody’s going to be selling it on Amazon. I mean, you wouldn’t buy someone else’s formula on Amazon?

Going forward, what do you know now that you didn’t know when you first started the company?

I’ll tell you what, when a 35-page DNA report shows up in someone’s inbox it’s a surreal moment because you have generations of people speaking on that 35-page report. I think we are bringing something like the cell phone to the landline or Netflix to Blockbuster. ÜFORIA Science is that next big thing in nutrition. I think it’s all about getting out of the way and to let this company be what it’s going to be, and just give it guidance only when it needs guidance. It seems to be on a real straight line right now.

What are your plans for the rest of 2019 and beyond? Can you give us a little peek into the future?

We want to be fundamentally sound and somewhat predictable, not a moving target. We want to stay consistent and capture the imagination of our customers and our industry. If you look at the marketplace, 99 percent perhaps are customers who have no opinion of company A, B or C. We feel that’s a fantastic opportunity for us to share our biotechnology, culture, and the services that we provide and always refine the model as we go.

Any last words for our audience?

In the end, ÜFORIA Science is acknowledging that we as human beings are 99 percent identical. We belong together. It’s not about our color, religion, gender, wealth or looks. If you’re human, you’re in the majority. There are no minorities. If you feel unloved, make yourself lovable. There’s still that 1 percent left over. There has never been—or never will be— someone as beautiful and as unique as you. Nothing states that more than your DNA results. It’s not just your DNA—it’s your self-identity. At ÜFORIA Science they reunite.