Transformation Capital Released the Second Direct Selling Digital Momentum Rankings 


November marks Transformation Capital’s second release of the TCAP Direct Selling Digital Momentum Rankings. October’s release resulted in considerable feedback and we are excited to have generated so much excitement from the Direct Selling Community.

The intent with the momentum rankings continues to be to evaluate and acknowledge the companies experiencing significant growth in their online presence within the last thirty days. That said, November’s Momentum Ranking List saw some adjustment to the algorithm that resulted in the absolute change of fan and/or follower count now has more impact on rankings. Percentage change still more significantly impacts the growth calculation, and companies with high growth periods will continue to find themselves highly ranked.

November’s Top 50 Momentum Rankings Are:


1     Mary Kay
2     Thirty One
3     Juice Plus
4     Epicure
5     Legal Shield
6     Young Living
7     Forever Living
8     Maskcara
9     WorldVentures
10    LimeLife
11    Mannatech
12    PRÜVIT
14    Nature’s Sunshine
15    Yoli
16    USANA
17    Usborne Books
18    Chalk Couture
19    PartyLite
20    Valentus
21    Sunrider
22    Neora
23    Primerica
24    Youngevity
25    Red Aspen
26    PrimeMyBody
27    Tranont
28    Rain
29    Team National
30    Nu Skin
31    Kynect
32    IM Markets Academy
33    Vasayo
34    Norwex
35    Reliv
36    New U Life
37    eXp Realty
38    NewAge
40    Shaklee
41    BHIP Global
42   ARIIX
43    Elepreneurs
44    Pampered Chef
45    Kannaway
46    Hegemon Group International
47    Neo-Life Global
48    Scout & Cellar
49    LifeVantage
50    Ibuumerang


The list represents months of analysis across the three core pillars of social media marketing: web traffic & SEO analysis, Facebook activity, and Instagram activity.

A company is included in the Transformation Capital Direct Selling Momentum ranking when it has an active website, at least one active social media account, and at least 50,000 followers or fans for a single account (Facebook or Instagram).

As noted, our initial ranking methodology focuses exclusively on three primary drivers of online presence: web traffic, Facebook activity, and Instagram activity. We’ve aggregated roughly a dozen metrics from these three sources and assessed their change over the last thirty days in an attempt to measure the growth in a company’s online audience, or momentum.

A brief explanation of our proprietary methodology follows:

Web Traffic & SEO
We analyze basic web traffic statistics as a measure of general interest. These statistics seek to measure the number of individuals searching for, visiting, and clicking on links that direct them to the company’s domain. This domain includes the corporate website and (in most cases) the company hosted web pages for individual distributors. Additionally, we analyze the number of third-party sources referring to internet users to the company website, as well as the number of associated keywords, branded phrases, or marketing jargon (hashtags, slogans, etc.) that are popular across the web. Assessing the change in these metrics over time creates an estimated increase or decrease in demand for the company across the web.

Facebook Activity
We gather a collection of metrics intended to measure thirty-day changes in both volume (count) and quality (engagement & communication with) of followers. Assessing the change in behavior on Facebook, we believe, is a valuable tool in determining improvements (or declines) of a brand’s social value.

Instagram Activity
As with Facebook, we focus on the thirty-day change of our metrics as a measure of social attention, or momentum, assuming a significant change in attention indicates changes in social interest and brand awareness.

A Note on Facebook vs. Instagram
Given varying target markets and consumer profiles, companies seem to often focus on Facebook or Instagram, rather than both. To ensure appropriate credit is given to the correct outlet, our metric analysis and momentum calculation consider which platform appears to be the primary for each company. As an example, if a company has 20,000 Instagram followers and 80,000 Facebook fans, all Facebook-related metrics will be weighted at 80% (80/100) of the total weighted social media metric score. Similarly, all Instagram-related metrics will be weighted 20%. Few companies do not have an active official Instagram account, and so their social media metric is based 100% on Facebook performance and changes. There are no companies in the list for which an official Facebook profile does not exist.