Touchstone Essentials Teams Up with The Keep A Breast Foundation™

The Keep A Breast Foundation™

Touchstone Essentials has joined the annual Fit 4 Prevention campaign in support of The Keep A Breast Foundation™ (KAB) this October.

The Raleigh, North Carolina-based global direct sales nutrition company will support breast cancer prevention through fitness and wellness. Research shows that one of the best ways to reduce the risk for breast cancer is with exercise. According to Fit 4 Prevention, just 30 minutes of exercise 3–4 times a week can lower the risk of developing breast cancer by 30–50 percent.

Throughout October, the KAB #Fit4Prevention campaign will work with hundreds of studios, gyms and individuals to raise funds through donation-based workout classes across the nation. This year, Touchstone Essentials is matching each fundraising class hosted by their Visionary Business Owners (VBOs) for up to $100 per class, for a total match of $5,000.

KAB’s mission is to empower young people around the world with breast health education and support. It’s a philosophy that aligns perfectly with Touchstone Essentials’ commitment to clean ingredients, organic practices and superfood goodness, according to CEO and Founder Eddie Stone.

“We know that even small changes to diet and lifestyle can make a big difference in health outcomes. We’re proud to support the efforts of our VBOs who are raising awareness and funds for breast cancer prevention,” said Stone.

To further support early detection awareness and breast health education, Touchstone Essentials is also including a Keep A Breast guide to self-check inside all orders in October. Stone explained, “Since an estimated 40 percent of breast cancers are self-detected, a monthly self-check is a must. We’re sharing this vital reminder to encourage women to check themselves. Doing so can save lives.”