Tiens Group Launches Branding Strategy Targeting Younger Generation

Tiens Group, the Tianjin, China-based seller of skincare, wellness and household products, has launched its new branding strategy and upgrades.

Group Chairman Li Jinyuan held a press conference at the Tiens Group headquarters in Tianjin to announce to more than 6,000 in attendance that the company’s new branding strategy, which focuses on the younger generation in their 30s, will integrate the themes of new beginnings, new methods, new business models and a new future.

Carol Huang, senior director of group brands and international public relations, explained during the conference that Tiens Group’s market research has led the company to shift its branding focus to young women around the age of 30. Tiens Group will step up its efforts to promote its new branding strategy, including a new logo, upgraded product packaging and new official website, all of which were unveiled at the conference.

Also publicly revealed for the first time at the event was Tiens Group’s new CELLES TIANE M&Y HYDRA series, which recently won the 2017 BEST TASTE AWARD – Annual Energy Skin Care Product Award, which was presented by SINA Corp., an online media company serving China and the global Chinese communities.

Huang added that the company’s new digital marketing strategy has been applied to every sector, providing global users interested in Tiens Group’s development and collaboration opportunities with clear implementation ideas, a friendly community with which to interact, and marketing materials.

With respect to the future of Tiens Group’s global development, Chairman Li emphasized that Tiens Group will adopt an international brand image with culturally unique characteristics and leverage advantageous policies to help implement the network integration and business synergy development strategy. Cross-platform marketing and service integration also will be employed to help promote Tiens Group’s philosophy of wealth creation for families throughout the world, achieving a diversified global alliance of businesses and creating a world-renowned Chinese brand.

Tiens Group was founded in 1995. During its 23-year history, the company has grown from a small private enterprise into the international conglomerate. Currently, Tiens Group has locations in 110 countries and regions that cover markets in over 190 countries around the world in fields such as biotechnology, health management, hotel and tourism, education and training, e-commerce, international trade and finance. It also has formed strategic alliances with enterprises in many countries and has become a recognized Chinese global brand.