This Week: Amway’s Rebirth in China, Oriflame’s Expansion in India

Catch up on the latest direct selling chatter with these click-worthy links:

  • The Economist features the resurgence of Amway’s business in China, where a 1998 ban halted direct selling activities in the country for several years. Despite adjusting its business model to comply with new regulations, Amway remains the biggest direct seller in the market, with sales exceeding $4 billion in recent years.
  • Oriflame India has occupied a new, larger headquarters facility in the city of Chennai, as the Swedish cosmetics maker responds to growing demand in the market, according to a report from The Times of India. The new headquarters offers a variety of services to consultants, including the ability to directly place orders and attend trainings and opportunity meetings organized by the company. Oriflame officials also disclosed plans to establish 30 new service points, where customers can place orders and learn about the company, in India by the end of 2016.
  • A report from The Wall Street Journal suggests that Carl Icahn, longtime supporter of Herbalife in its battle against activist investor Bill Ackman, has discussed selling his 18 percent stake in the company, which recently settled a Federal Trade Commission investigation into its business practices. Sources told the paper that one group in talks with Icahn includes Ackman himself, who presumably would be interested in cutting Icahn’s stake to diminish confidence in Herbalife’s stock.
  • The Observer provides a window into J.Hilburn’s recent annual conference in Dallas, which included a runway show featuring the latest styles from the custom menswear brand. J.Hilburn is carving out a niche for itself by bringing high-quality, personalized garments to new audiences.
  • What J.Hilburn is to custom apparel, Gardenuity is to gardening. Forbes spoke to Donna Letier, Co-Founder of the Dallas-based startup, about using social selling and technology to simplify gardening. Letier discusses her own background in big business and how Gardenuity is appealing to busy professionals.

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