The Power of Momentum

COVID has changed the world—in some cases, for the worse and in others for the better.

One good thing that’s come from it is that it has helped us all reevaluate our priorities. And here’s another big win: because of COVID’s effect on so many businesses, many people are turning to our industry—causing a lot of momentum. In order to take advantage of that momentum as we go into 2021, we want to make sure we’re as clear as we can be on what our force multipliers are so we can focus our teams and our efforts accordingly. We want to be sure and execute with precision and obviously with accountability and create wins in 2021.

Here is a list of twelve distinctions that can help you have more momentum. You may want to take a picture of the list and talk about it in your staff meetings, or you may just want to review it for yourself ongoing and see which ones apply to help you have your best year ever.

1. CLARITY pulls you toward the direction of what you set out to accomplish. You can gain clarity of your goals by writing them down, visualizing them, and employing positive self-talk.

2. FOCUS ensures you don’t waste energy. What you want is less Low-Leverage Activities (LLAs) and more High-Leverage Activities (HLAs).

3. EXECUTION is the foundation for momentum. When you get things done and own that you’ve accomplished them, you get mental power that keeps you going.

4. Get RESULTS, not excuses! Whether you lead the pack, you’re in sales, or whatever your position, you have to keep things moving and own the fact that the results are up to you.

5. REVIEW your goals daily and adjust your daily lists to be sure they align with your global goals. If you’re part of a team, huddle and synergize on the goals at hand.

6. SOLVE problems. Be a roadblock buster. Things can come up every day to get in your way. Life is not perfect. Be flexible and have the mindset of being a problem solver. If you can’t personally solve the problem, reach out for a “lifeline”—get more information, find a technology tool that will help you, or reach out to someone who can assist you.

7. Put it on your LIST. If it’s not on your calendar, it doesn’t matter that much to you. Schedule actions on your daily lists, whether they are hand-written, on your computer, or on your phone (or all three).

8. EMPLOY Production Before Perfection. Stuck leaders can paralyze an organization. Be aware that people can get stuck because of perfectionism, and perfectionism can stunt momentum. Make sure to get people moving (including yourself) because a RESULTS culture is a winning culture! Procrastination is the enemy of momentum.

9. Have relentless levels of URGENCY. Understand that thinking—the right thinking—impacts your success. If you want more momentum, develop the thinking of Nike—Just do it!

10. Get the Xs in the box. At the end of the day, you either got it done, or you didn’t. If you got it done, you can put an X in the box and feel the accomplishment. Accomplishments support momentum!

11. Ask yourself what you can do right NOW to keep your momentum going. Maybe you need to:

 Make a phone call

 Send an email

 Send a text
 Give a gift
 Write a note
 Listen to a training

12. The stronger your desire, the more MOTIVATED you are. Be clear on what you value and know what you desire. Leverage self-talk. Say something like, “I am a person of action, and I get it done.”

The sooner you get going, the easier it is to keep moving forward. As you gain speed and stay focused, momentum will take over, and you’ll be unstoppable.

Tony Jeary—The RESULTS Guy™—is a prolific author and a strategist. His organization, TJI, facilitates powerful meetings, keynote events and coaches high performers to accelerate their results.