The Power of Association

Direct Selling Association

As is true with any membership, you get what you put into it. You reap the richest value from organizations when you become an active participant.

Association membership works exactly the same way: DSA is a crucible in which relationships are fused and ideas forged. The return on a company’s membership investment can only grow when members make the most of the opportunities DSA puts forth.

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Companies from across the direct selling spectrum have been involved in shaping the industry’s new Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council that will be launched in 2019, and the association’s work to protect the independent contractors that are our businesses’ lifeblood impacts party plan, one-to-one sales and big-ticket companies alike.

The value DSA creates through its programs and social networks is realized through the invaluable knowledge shared between colleagues. Company executives who led their organizations through a challenge step forward to help others. Companies looking to expand have found optimal strategic partners with DSA staff. DSA members who have been lent a hand in the past repeatedly “pay it forward” and help others as they were once helped.

Regional Councils

Four regional councils—the Coastal, Mountain, Capital and Cactus Councils—convene top direct selling executives on a quarterly basis to share information, learn about industry trends and participate in the policies and actions of the Association.

DSA Learning-on-the-Go

These quick, convenient and highly-mobile educational videos enable executives at DSA member companies to glean valuable insights from those that are bringing forth tomorrow’s innovations.

Direct Seller Primary Contact Directory

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but it’s the individual executives who comprise the whole of the DSA membership that are of the greatest importance to one another. This directory, available in 2019, will empower members to not only strengthen relationships, but also engage with their colleagues and peers in new ways.

Communications Toolkit

Empowering member companies with the full range of communications resources to tell the direct selling industry story has always been a focal point for DSA, and today’s increasingly competitive climate makes these materials critical. DSA encourages all member companies to incorporate these materials into their communications initiatives.

Career Center

Executives engaged with their industry’s associations tend to be more involved and interested in their careers—those are the individuals our Career Center attracts. DSA’s Career Center connects our member company executives with a pool of the most qualified and experienced direct selling executives in the channel.

Engagement Dashboards

A roadmap for helping you increase your engagement with DSA, these are made available to member companies with their customized 2018 dashboards in Q1 2019, and we invite you to explore new engagement opportunities.

These are just a few of the ways that you can realize a greater return on your DSA membership. In today’s disruptive market climate, marked by emerging app-based gig economy players and online retailers, standing together is the key in maintaining direct selling’s strength.

We are America’s original entrepreneurs, and we urge you to make the most of your DSA membership in 2019.Become an active participant in your Association and take full advantage of what is being offered.

Nancy M. Burke is the Vice President of Membership for the Direct Selling Association (DSA).