The Happy Co. Receives Investment of $30 Million

The parent company of The Happy Co., Sharing Services Global Corporation (SHRG), announced that its largest shareholder, Document Security Systems (DSS) will increase its investment in SHRG by an additional $30 million.

“We are taking aggressive steps to position ourselves as a dominant, global player in the direct selling industry,” said Bo Short, CEO of Elevacity Holdings, LLC and Elevacity International Holdings, LLC. “Our unique business platform, linked to an ever-growing ecosystem of innovative products, allows our remarkable team of Brand Partners the opportunity to build a more robust, global business of their own. Our primary goal is to serve the needs of our Brand Partners and their customers. This investment enables us to help stimulate and further serve their growth.”

This investment will be used to substantially increase the company’s sales channels, product portfolio and position the company to rapidly scale in tandem.

“Sharing Services is now in the expansion phase with a direct focus on the Asian markets, more specifically in countries such as South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines,” said John “JT” Thatch, CEO of Sharing Services. “Now with the additional support and resources needed to meet the expected substantial demand, we believe Sharing Services could generate millions more in sales over the next 12 months of operations, ultimately positioning the company to potentially become a billion-dollar business.”