The Events Horizon

Technology is helping more people feel connected to a larger purpose.

Events will always be a driving force for growth and belief building. While the benefits of training motivation and culture are at the core of events, they generate some impressive, tangible growth numbers. Some companies are augmenting live events with some of the latest technology and social media platforms to create a unique and inclusive experience.

Events are Crucial to Enrolling

According to LifeVantage CEO Darren Jensen in his recent article titled, The Social Proof Principle: Does Attending Events Matter?, “Event attendees are 2,241 percent more likely to enroll somebody than their non-event-attending counterparts.” He also states that those who attended at least one major event per year earn an average of 119 percent more.

“Seasoned industry veterans understand the power behind events,” Jensen says. “We keep on coming back because we derive value from them. We continue to invest personal money to attend them because, either we enjoy the experience, or it helps our businesses in some tangible way. Events remind distributors that they are necessary while helping them feel connected to a larger purpose.”

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Technology Changing Event Landscape

ACN will enter its 26th year in business in 2019, and still hosts four major corporate events throughout the year. The largest event is in February, and each one builds to the next. Different locations are selected for each and announced during or right after the current event. The company recently held a live event with some of its top leaders that was also broadcast via YouTube Live for any of its Independent Business Owners to view, creating an atmosphere where everyone felt as if they were in the same room. “All of our leaders truly believe that our events are non-negotiable,” says Katie Mapel, ACN Director of Marketing Communications.

Ambit Energy holds two major corporate events per year for its Independent Consultants. Ambition, historically held Labor Day weekend in Dallas, is the company’s major annual convention. The first event each year, called Simulcast, acts as a one-day yearly kickoff held in January. For 2019, there are two live locations (Texas and Connecticut). It’s a mix of training, motivation, plus a time for announcements and goals for the year. For the first time, an after-party will be held near the live locations to help bolster excitement, culture and networking.

The event is also simulcast (hence the name) online for consultants who cannot attend a live location. Groups of consultants around the country hold watch parties, which Ambit corporate staff members have been known to “crash” with prizes. Attendees, whether live or online, are eligible for special bonus promotions following Simulcast.