The Avon Company Launches its First Clean and Vegan Skincare Collection

The Avon Company announced the debut of its first clean and vegan skincare collection, Farm Rx.

Relying on natural plant-based ingredients, the line’s Slow Herb Complex uses a blend of botanicals that thrive in dry conditions and are slowly cold-brewed to extract antioxidants and nourish dry skin.

The Farm Rx clean formulas are sustainably packaged and formulated with over 85% natural ingredients and safe synthetic ingredients to preserve the integrity of the products.

The new Farm Rx line includes:

  • Super Greens Cooling Gel—a hybrid cooling gel that can be used as a cooling moisturizer and mask by delivering cooling hydration using super green nutrients.
  • Super Greens Multivitamin Moisture Cream—a daily multivitamin cream that helps fight free radical damage and supports the skin barrier using super green nutrients.
  • Bakuchiol Serum—a concentrated lightweight oil texture serum that targets fine lines, wrinkles and skin brightening through Bakuchiol, a plant-derived retinol alternative.
  • Bakuchiol Eye Cream—a hydrating eye cream that brightens dark circles and reduces fine lines using Bakuchiol, which will not make the skin photosensitive like traditional retinoids.