The 2nd Annual North America 50 List

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North America is among the largest direct selling markets in the world, and DSN is once again celebrating the companies with headquarters in this market with the 2nd annual North America 50 List. The companies on the overall Global 100 list have combined net sales of $82 billion, and North American companies represent 61 percent of that total at $50.3 billion.

Newcomers to the list represent a collective $3.3 billion in 2015 net sales and included a diverse range of products. New Avon, at No. 10 on the list with net revenue of $1.01 billion, became a privately held company when Avon Products sold its North American business to Cerberus Capital Management at the end of 2015. Le-Vel made an impressive debut on the list at No. 29 with $349 million in net sales. Le-Vel also took home the Bravo Growth Award for the highest percentage growth at 254 percent. Young Living’s growth over the past few years has pushed its net sales up to $1 billion, joining the elite group of companies that has reached that benchmark.

With net sales of $9.5 billion in 2015, Ada, Michigan-based Amway once again leads both the Global 100 and the North America 50 in the No. 1 spot. In fact, six of the Top 10 Global 100 companies were based in North America in 2015: Amway, Avon, Herbalife, Mary Kay, Tupperware and Nu Skin.

New to the List:

  • 10 – New Avon, $1.01B
  • 11 – Young Living, $1.00B
  • 27 – Omnilife, $406M
  • 29 – Le-Vel, $349M
  • 37 – Jamberry, $224M
  • 44 – Pure Romance, $164M
  • 48 – Zija, $129M

The number of salespeople involved with the North America 50 companies, according to the profiles submitted by the companies, includes nearly 5 million individuals who have chosen the direct selling channel for an entrepreneurial opportunity. The number of employees working for the North America 50 companies exceeds 27,000. Several of the younger companies on the list have former successful field leaders in founder or executive positions, illustrating the power of bringing direct field experience into the C-Suite.

Eighteen companies on the list operate in one to four markets and once again represent a diverse range of products from weight-loss, fitness and coaching to energy services, accessories, financial planning and household products. Ten companies operate in more than 50 markets, and the remaining 22 companies have international presence in five to 49 countries. This incredible variety of markets and products speaks volumes about the breadth and depth of the opportunity within the direct selling channel.

The DSN Global 100 and North America 50 lists continue to grow in influence and prestige each year. We at Direct Selling News are grateful for the continued support and engagement of all of the companies who work with us to complete the lists. We will continue to expand our research efforts in order to bring new insights and greater transparency to this tremendous channel of opportunity.

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