Team Beachbody Train-the-Trainer Program Boosts Sales and Expertise

Any number of factors can boost salesforce productivity, but Team Beachbody is getting tangible results through its Beachbody LIVE certification program.

As the direct selling arm of Beachbody LLC, the maker of popular fitness and weight-loss programs, Team Beachbody signs on independent Coaches to sell its products and provide one-on-one support to customers. Currently, the company has more than 350,000 Coaches across the U.S. and Canada.

For those who want to take their business to the next level, the company also offers Beachbody LIVE certifications, which prepare Instructors to lead a class in P90X, Insanity, or another top workout program. The training takes place at one-day Instructor Workshops, where Coaches are guided through the program from start to finish by Beachbody Master Trainers.

Breaking down the data on its Coaches, the company reports a clear uptick in sales among those who have taken part in an Instructor Workshop. According to Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody, Coaches certified in at least one Beachbody LIVE program earn three times the average Coach.

While the workshops provide practical tips on securing a space, selecting music, and promoting a class, the increased productivity among Instructors is not simply the result of leading live classes. In fact, most of the Coaches who become Instructors don’t go on to teach classes, indicating that product education in itself—learning the ins and outs of a given program, as well as its more technical aspects—enabled Instructors to share the product’s benefits more effectively.

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