Strategic Planning – Leading to a Transformation in the Direct Selling Channel

It is November, and we are quickly approaching the end of a year like no other! While 2020 will be reflected as a year of adversity, challenges and a pandemic, it should also be noted as a year of renewed interest and growth in the channel. The goal for this issue of DSN is to explore and provide readers with a few insights into the strategies and plans that are being implemented to take companies into 2021 and beyond.

In this month’s cover story found on page 48, we interviewed industry executives to determine what they have learned from 2020 and what they are implementing for 2021. A transformation is taking place in how direct selling presents itself to the world. As the industry prepares to build upon a strange 2020, leaders are committed to remaining beholden to the most signature characteristics of the channel, while strategically preparing to keep their forward motion no matter what challenges the new year may bring.

As companies look toward the future, strategic staffing and being “right-staffed” is one area where changes are predicted. The remote working flexibility is changing the professional and executive pools that companies are selecting from. Learn from three executive search firm experts about trends and transitions they see in our feature article on Strategic Staffing located on page 40. Z Future, on page 64, is our second feature. This article highlights how Generation Z is primed for entrepreneurship. Their attitude toward business ownership and their alignment with direct selling’s core principles make this the time for our industry to get Zs’ attention. Check out the advice and insights offered about connecting with Gen Z.

Pampered Chef celebrates 40 years of cooking up excellence in direct selling. Our company feature on page 58 takes a look at their journey—where they began, where they are and their continued mission. “We’re on a mission to continue empowering people to achieve mealtime wins, so they can spend more time connecting with the ones they love most and less time worrying about how they’ll get there,” states Andrew Treanor, CEO.

Total Life Changes and their approach to impacting the human spirit and igniting sales is showcased in our second company spotlight beginning on page 70. Read about the challenges they faced during the pandemic and their “all hands on deck” method as they rushed to create an environment that can retain the interest of new customers and systems that can meet the needs of increased distributors and orders.

We feel it is essential to be a customer-centric industry where we build strong retail bases, and opportunity seekers will follow. Every issue will include the Customer-Centric Recognized (CCR) companies on pages 30 and 31. If you have any questions or want to apply, visit or reach out to me.

As we approach the holidays, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the creative staff, writers and leadership at DSN who work hard to bring you content that we hope is helpful and inspiring. We are very thankful for our readership and our remarkable industry that helps so many achieve their dreams and goals.

All the best,

Patricia White