Stemtech Launches OraStem™ Toothpaste

Stemtech Launches OraStem

Stemtech Corporation recently announced its entry into the oral care category with the introduction of OraStem, an all-natural tooth-whitening toothpaste.

“This is another major positive milestone for Stemtech Corporation,” said CEO Ray Carter. “It clearly demonstrates our product leadership in the consumer wellness space.”

Stem cells are at the center of the body’s ability to renew and restore all tissues and organs. Recent research has discovered that stem cells are found in your teeth, gums and salivary glands. Maximizing oral health is essential to overall wellness and healthy aging.

“This novel formulation of 14 synergistic ingredients addresses oral health in a multi-dimensional way,” said Dr. Mira Gadzala, Stemtech, senior vice president of Research & Development. “It’s safety and efficacy are supported by dozens of published studies.”

Originally founded in 2005, Stemtech has pioneered a new category of dietary supplement—cellular nutrition powered by natural stem cell technology. Stemtech’s patented natural products are designed to support the body’s renewal system of adult stem cells.