Spain Passes Law Classifying Delivery Workers as Staff

The Spanish government passed a law that individuals delivering for platforms like Deliveroo and UberEats will be recognized as salaried staff. This is the first passed legislation in Europe that explicitly regulates delivery worker status.

Six months ago, Spain’s leftwing government announced it would seek to clarify the legal status of those working for online delivery firms, believing they should be considered employees rather than gig workers. Delivery workers have been outspoken about what they describe as precarious working conditions and have taken legal action to seek benefits like sick leave. Delivery firms have declared themselves an intermediary between businesses and delivery workers, insisting its workers are self-employed.

“They are now considered as salaried workers and will enjoy all the relevant protections,” said Labour Minister Yolanda Diaz in a televised address.

The declaration will be in the form of a legislative decree that “recognizes the presumption of employment for workers who provide paid delivery services.”