Social Strategies that are Winning

Social Strategies

For the past few months, you have seen in the magazine our DSN Digital 100—a comprehensive ranking revealing the social media reach and engagement of top direct selling companies. Four categories include social media size, social media engagement, 30-day unique visitors and 30-day pageviews. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, these companies employ a different social media strategy based on their individual audiences and goals.

Some companies create content for existing customers and distributors, while others try to attract new ones. Some focus on images, while others use more video. We examined the social activity of four of the highestranking companies to determine what’s working and what posts received high engagement such as likes, retweets, shares and comments. We also discovered some unique strategies and campaigns.

Before we get into the specific companies, here are a few key common factors in the most popular and engaging posts.

  • The core intent was to bring value to followers with educational information or tips on using products.
  • Posts encouraged followers to interact by asking questions.
  • New product posts typically included a campaign that lasted several weeks.
  • Consistency is key. Daily or weekly themed posts build anticipation and keep followers engaged.
  • Instagram images featured clean, light backgrounds or elements related to the specific product to create context.
  • Corporate executives often engaged with followers on video.

LIFEVANTAGE’S social media engagement rate jumped 4.12 percent in our September issue to 22.81 percent in our October issue. The company posted short teaser videos to build anticipation for a new anti-aging product, including a 1-minute Facebook video that generated more than 250 reactions and 161 shares. They also promoted events with short teaser videos featuring event speakers, such as Kindra Hall, with special messages to distributors.

The LifeVantage Legacy Trip, a charity mission, was highlighted on Instagram with the hashtag #LIFEVANTAGELEGACY. Posts included a balance of images and short videos of the trip and compelling infographics of impact statistics such as “90-plus children have shelter.” Other successful Instagram posts include short videos of “nutrition hacking” tips, such as how to defeat sugar cravings and how to mask the taste of vegetables by blending them with fruit smoothies.

PAPARAZZI sells fashion accessories for $5 each. The company maintain s the same brand and overall design across all social plat forms and runs contests for g if t cards encouraging social media engagement. Videos offer a sneak peek at new products and accessory collections. One Facebook video got 50,000 views and was shared 1,200 times. On Instagram, the company used graphics to count down the days until its convention . Each post had different information and teasers ab out the event.

Paparazzi’s most successful and engaging recent campaign was the Selfie September Promotion run on Facebook and Instagram. It encouraged consultant s to post selfies wearing accessories and holding a sign that included a specific personal goal they want to achieve. The hashtag #SelfieSeptember2019 helped spread awareness. One winner was selected every day, receiving exclusive and unreleased accessories. One grand prize winner was selected at the end.

BEACHBODY appeared in the top 10 in social media engagement rate twice, moving up to sixth last month. They post a few times per day on Facebook, and roughly one to two times per day on Twitter and Instagram. Most postings carry through to all three platforms with a uniform message and look. Beachbody regularly leverages the followings of its celebrity trainers, which creates a synergy.

Before-and-after picture graphics, along with testimonial quotes and stories, are some of the most shared Facebook posts. Facebook and Twitter regularly include links to healthy recipes. A multi-platform campaign promoted a new six-week workout program with short sample videos plus videos submitted by users who had access to a sample of the workout. Most social posts encourage engagement by asking questions or asking followers to comment with their opinions.

Social Strategies

doTERRA ranked fifth in social media size and 10th in engagement last month. The company’s overall message across all platforms is educational and less promotional, teaching people how to use products, which oils to combine, as well as sharing user tips and health trends.

The company’s commitment to purity is illustrated in informative posts, such as a 2.5-minute Facebook video highlighting the unique harvesting and extraction of turmeric for a new product. It was shared 3,600 times and received several hundred comments.

Product images on Facebook and Instagram are often shown in context of people using the products or with backdrops and other elements relevant to the essential oils. Convention promotional videos previewing keynote speakers and teasing new product announcements encourage followers to engage in conversation.