Social Selling Solution by PromoRepublic: Launch Promotional Campaigns that Bring Results

Once you at the HQ level develop new products, offers, or activities, the challenge of getting them on the market comes up. This requires promotion via various channels, social media marketing channels in particular.

In the direct selling model, this process presupposes distributors’ involvement, as they communicate with potential clients and represent your brand and products. This makes time-to-market pretty long since distributors are not by default involved in marketing campaigns. They don’t know how to organize their marketing activities and don’t see the value of this.

The truth is, direct selling businesses that have gotten 70%+ of distributors involved in promo campaigns on social media get 8X Month-over-Month sales growth.

Choosing the right software to help distributors get on board with reaching out to their members via marketing channels should be a top priority for marketing executives.

The most common options are asset management solutions that allow users to store branded content and social sharing solutions that additionally enable content posting from the same interface. The problem is neither of these solutions gives HQ a control over distributors posting, the tools to organize content, create and launch posts, and measure distributors’ performance during promotional campaigns. Neither do they give distributors the opportunity to access, customize, or to post content on-the-go in one place.

PromoRepublic Social Selling Suite offers all the tools you and your distributors need to get maximum efficiency from your promotional campaigns on social media and make a win-win strategy possible.

Quickly Launch Promotional Campaigns

In promo campaigns, posting time matters a lot. To ensure your content is posted at the right time, PromoRepublic provides Content Suggestions technology.

  1. HQ uploads promotional assets that meet brand guidelines and campaign goals to a Content Hub.
  2. HQ pre-schedules promotional posts to distributors’ Social Media Calendars along with the posting time.
  3. Distributors get notifications on Content Suggestions in their mobile apps and approve posts on the go. Or, they can edit text and visuals before posting right on PromoRepublic’s platform.

With this technology, distributors can always be on track with time-limited promotions, even if they have a lot on their plates and don’t have much time for it. On-the-go approvals make the flow seamless for them.


Nicole Chase, user of dōTERRA Social by PromoRepublic, dōTERRA Diamond, comments: “I think the posts suggested to my calendar are great as they are versatile. I have what makes me happy, what I like to see, as well as what my audience wants to look at, what they want to share. I’m happy that the content is not just geared towards one thing –it engages, educates, promotes products, and inspires to be creative.”

Let Distributors Quickly Access On-Brand Content

PromoRepublic provides an easy-to-navigate Asset Manager where you can store branded templates for promotional campaigns. This takes the challenge of coming up with post ideas off distributors’ shoulders and saves them time. Once they find the template they like, they can customize it or schedule it right away to their social media.


Encourage Distributors to Show Their Authenticity

Distributors are used to building their business on valuable connections with people, and that’s where their personality plays a crucial role. PromoRepublic’s Graphics Editor helps them stick to their personal brand while doing social media marketing. They are able to customize branded templates, add some personal touches, tweak colors, shapes, and fonts.



Track, Measure, and Analyze Performance of Distributors

For distributors, performance measurement is motivation to start doing social media marketing more consciously and even build a strategy. For you, tracking key social media metrics makes planning future campaigns possible by analyzing what works best for your members. Also, you can get an overview of how distributors perform and give them the guidance they need.


Educate Distributors to Make Them More Marketing-Savvy

PromoRepublic’s software doesn’t come alone. To ensure 70%+ monthly active users of our platform and social media marketing, we provide an Activation Program for your distributors. It includes:

  • Onboarding and educational webinars that deliver value and key social media marketing knowledge monthly
  • An engaging Facebook community for daily distributors’ peer mentorship and support
  • Personal onboarding sessions for Top Leaders and their teams
  • Launching of ad hoc marketing initiatives to impact usage and retention

With all of this combined in one solution, your distributors and you at HQ can join forces to make your promotional campaigns bring 8X more sales than if your HQ managed promotions alone.

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