SimplyFun’s Newly Released Games Win PAL Awards

PAL Awards

SimplyFun, LLC. recently announced that it received PAL Awards for its two newest Reading and Language Arts games, Wake Up Stars and Lily Pond.

The PAL (Play Advances Language) Awards recognize outstanding toys, games and books that through their design, content, quality and character promote play that advances language. They were established by respected speech and language expert Sherry Artemenko.

“SimplyFun has done it again,” said Artemenko. “They’ve created a delightfully fun way to learn to read.”

Wake Up Stars is a storytelling game for two to four players, ages three and up. Players take turns spinning the spinner to collect stars and share stories about what makes them feel the emotions found on the faces of the stars. Through game play kids practice empathy and build social relationships by talking about how someone else might feel based on the expression on the star they have chosen.

Lily Pond helps build preschoolers’ foundational reading skills. Players hop their frog around the pond on the gameboard landing on or jumping through the lily pad letters needed to complete their word cards. The first player to hop through their letters in the correct order and then hop back to the center wins the game.