Two SimplyFun Games Selected for Mensa Mind Games Competition

Mensa Mind Games

SimplyFun, LLC. has announced that its Zone to Zone and Nite Lights games have been selected as finalists to complete in the Mensa Mind Games®.

The competition will be held in April. Games selected by the American Mensa organization for the competition must have the following criteria: original and creative in concept, challenging to play, well-designed, a good value for the price, easy to comprehend and, above all, fun.

 Founded in 1990, American Mensa’s Mind Games has become one of the most respected national games competitions. The 40-plus-hour board-game-judging marathon draws 300 Mensans and their guests from across the country where they vote on the year’s five best new-to-market games to be awarded the coveted Mensa Select® seal.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by Mensa,” said Stacy Longstreet, SimplyFun head of product development. “Our goal is to always create fun, engaging and mind-challenging games. Being chosen as a finalist for not just one of our games but for two this year confirms we are succeeding.”

In 2017, SimplyFun won the coveted Mensa Select Seal for the complex strategy game, Amalgam.