SimplyFun Doubles Retail Sales Activity in 2020

SimplyFun, LLC reported record company growth for 2020, expanding both in retail volume and company size. Retail sales activity for the company more than doubled as did the size of its independent sales force. Field leadership team numbers more than tripled.

The company attributes this growth in part to their robust social media presence and remote business strategies that were in place before the widespread lockdowns induced by COVID-19, as well as families who were turning to the company’s educational games as they sought solutions for the challenges of remote learning and at-home education.

“I’m incredibly proud of the SimplyFun sales force and internal team for their dedication and commitment to success in 2020 despite the complexity of the year,” says SimplyFun President and CEO Patty Pearcy. “We are truly grateful for the opportunity given to SimplyFun to help bring families—many of whom were sequestered at home—close by way of board game play, and also playing a part in assuring children’s fundamental learning progressed, and in a really fun way.”