Love Shopify’s low cost and ease of use but are tired of running into limitations when trying to enter the Direct Sales marketplace?

 Affiliate and Influencer marketing is rapidly taking the place of traditional Direct Sales models as most start-up companies are owned by much younger entrepreneurs than in the past, and they are trying to distance themselves from being perceived as an MLM Marketing company.

As industry leaders in the technology space, Trinity Software recognizes this trend and is proud to announce our latest innovation: An integration of Shopifys e-commerce solution with our flagship product, Firestorm®!

 We allow your company to make a choice as to which e-commerce platform you wish to use with the Firestorm® system. Shopify OR the integrated Shopping Cart that comes with Firestorm®.

Shopify is an excellent e-commerce system, but does not have the requisite functionality to fully address the direct selling industry. With concepts like Replicated websites, Commissionable Volume, Qualification Volume, Genealogies, Web Back-office and more, Shopify simply comes up short.

With this new integration, you will be able to fully leverage the excellent e-commerce capabilities provided by Shopify, and bolt them onto the powerful commissioning engines, member’s web office, payment tools and hundreds of other features provided by Firestorm®, the industry’s most powerful platform for direct selling.

This integration will allow existing companies that currently use Shopify to retain their investments of time and money into the Shopify platform while expanding their sales channels into the Direct Selling space with all the capabilities they have come to expect from their software. This creates a powerful and unmatched solution to fully address the needs of all of their sales channels.

Are you using Influencer and Affiliate Marketing to sell your products? Firestorm® allows you to properly credit any number of influencers and affiliates as they send business to your site. You will be able to pay commissions accurately and timely, resulting in a happy Influencers and Affiliates and provide stellar growth for your business.