Seldia Survey Shows Positive Impact of Direct Selling in Europe


A new survey by Seldia shows direct selling continues to contribute to equality, entrepreneurship and growth in Europe.

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Seldia, the European direct selling association, commissioned global market research group Ipsos to do a comprehensive survey into the lives of direct sellers in 2018. The independent study, revealed at Seldia’s 7th European Direct Selling Conference held on Oct. 17, was the first of its kind in over a decade. There were four major takeaways from the survey.

Direct selling is helping drive equality in European entrepreneurship.

Women are the driving force behind the sector’s success. Over 4 in 5 direct sellers are women, a figure almost twice higher than the European average for entrepreneurial businesses.

Direct selling offers inclusive business opportunities for people from all ages and backgrounds.

One in five direct sellers are aged 55 and over, and there are no educational barriers to becoming a direct seller. People from all types of educational backgrounds choose to be involved in direct selling, ranging from those with no educational background to those with post-graduate degrees.

Entrepreneurship is at the core of direct selling.

One in three direct sellers choose the sector because it offers flexibility and long-term supplemental income. The study revealed that the vast majority of direct sellers enjoy the independence, freedom and flexibility of their work. 

Direct selling is a thriving sector, contributing to the success of Europe.

The core of direct selling has always been personal connection between a seller and a customer. The study shows that 77 percent of direct sellers believe the strength of direct selling is the personalized service offered by direct sellers, and face-to-face meetings remain a popular way to buy and sell.

This model proves to be consistently effective, with a €29 billion in sales last year. In a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to connect with others, direct selling continues to build communities and bring people together across Europe, contributing to our economies, both online and offline.

“The Ipsos study shows the many ways direct selling is improving the lives of citizens across Europe,” said Paul Jarvis, Seldia’s newly elected chairman. “Seldia is proud to see the positive trends of equality, entrepreneurship and growth continue to be felt by direct sellers, and we hope to amplify their voices at the European level.”