Sampling Made Simple— Even Overseas

One of the biggest ongoing challenges—for both direct selling companies and their Distributors—is effective, efficient sampling. When sending samples becomes complicated, costly or time-intensive, Distributors simply don’t do it.

Distributors who don’t send product samples struggle to build a customer base; struggle to make money; and struggle to commit to the company.

Right From The Palm Of Your Hand

That’s why giving your Distributors an easy-to-navigate app that can handle sampling right from their smartphone or tablet is so essential. Noah Westerlund, Senior Vice President of SUCCESS Partners, says their app is a business-building tool that helps distributors onboard, share, sample and sell—helps guide distributors’ daily business activities, prospecting, follow-up and more.

Westerlund says that several North American direct selling companies have adopted the app since its launch in the Summer of 2018. He also adds, “While direct selling is often done around your neighborhood or town, the possibilities of a global business are lucrative and exciting.”

The Continental Divide

Sampling abroad brings with it a unique set of challenges, but it’s a service Distributors building global businesses desperately need. Westerlund adds the mOS is the first app of its kind to launch sampling to European Union (EU) countries.

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“Sampling—especially overseas—has notoriously been a challenge for Distributors building a global business,” says SUCCESS Partners Founder and CEO Stuart Johnson. “We are thrilled to offer this service that completely eliminates that barrier.”

RAIN International is the first mOS client taking advantage of this new capability and is enjoying tremendous success with it. As CEO Byron Belka explains, “This platform has given our Distributors the tools they need to succeed. We’ve been able to implement powerful systems that yield powerful results.”

Rain International CMO Daniel Scarpino agrees, “We looked for a long time for a platform that could deliver results in a simple-to-use way; we finally found that in mOS.”

Westerlund says the mOS sampling supports multiple payment modes allowing Distributors to send samples free of charge to prospects or options where the prospect pays either for the sample or just for shipping.

For those looking for a turnkey solution? “mOS handles all aspects of sampling from selling credits, processing sample orders and shipping,” says Westerlund.

For clients who want an integrated solution, mOS interfaces with the client’s backoffice software so Distributors can purchase credits through their backoffice, sample orders can be fulfilled by the client and Distributors can receive CV for credits/samples purchased.