Revenue Certification Form

    (Please use name under which the company does business.)

    Please provide your direct selling operations’ net global sales revenue for 2020, before commissions paid and without value-added tax (VAT). If your company is headquartered outside the U.S., please also provide your net global sales revenue in your local currency.

    (Please round to the nearest thousand and convert to U.S. dollars. Should your company make the DSN Global 100,
    these figures will be published.)

    This form must be signed by a certifier (qualified as one of the below) willing to attest to the accuracy of the information included on this form. The certifier may work at the applicant firm or be independent of it as long as your credentials are current and in good standing.

    Certified Public AccountantCertified Management AccountantAttorneyChartered Financial AnalystEnrolled Agent

    I hereby affirm that the revenue figures stated above are accurate based on the best information available to me.

    Direct Selling News reserves the right to request further documentation in addition to this form. Any additional information will be kept confidential and secure, and will never be shared with anyone outside Direct Selling News.

    You can submit your RCF electronically or you can print off the RCF and send it to the email address printed on the form. If done electronically, please scroll down to read all of the details to ensure your data is submitted correctly. Thank you!