Prüvit Up in NYC

Creating brand experiences gives the field a sense of pride, experience, and validation for the brand they are helping create.

Developing a brand is much more than just a logo or tagline. According to Marty Neumeier, author of The Dictionary of Brand, a brand is “all the interactions people have with a product, service, or organization.”

One of the best ways to increase brand awareness, especially for a direct sales company, is to create brand experiences. That’s exactly what Prüvit did by taking over Times Square with more than 400 independent promoters in early November.

The company’s “BETTER Weekend” celebrated the 100 millionth experience of its KETO//OS product in the marketplace. The Kentucky-based company produces exogenous ketone supplements along with other nutrition products aimed at helping people return their bodies to their native optimized state.

Culture & Community Building Experience

The purpose of the BETTER Weekend wasn’t just to broadcast Prüvit logos, commercials and products on the huge digital screens in Times Square. The entire event, which promoters paid their own way to attend, also built credibility and validation in the company’s focus of “the constant pursuit of better.” It was a culture and community building time for promoters to celebrate the brand they helped create. Of course, being in the heart of the media and branding capital of the world, plenty of buzz was generated about Prüvit and its mission.

“It was a culture and community building time for promoters to celebrate the brand they helped create.”

Promoters were asked to dress up as fairies but were not told why. The reason? Prüvit officially launched its new KETO//OS NAT “Fairy Dust” flavor. Promoters also got to sample an up-coming product—KETO//GO, which is a ready-to-drink ketone supplement in a can. Flavors on hand included “Unicorn Slam” and “The Big Apple.”

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NYC Landmark Scavenger Hunt

Promoters participated in a scavenger hunt involving some of New York City’s most iconic landmarks such as Radio City Music Hall, Central Park, The Statue of Liberty, and many others. The goal was to take pictures of KETO//OS products at these different landmarks. They even used a scavenger hunt app called Scavify. The purpose was to create a fun and unique experience of New York City, that Promoters could push out to their social media feeds as well.

“We believe that what the company is proud of, the promoters are proud of,” says an independent promoter for Prüvit who attended. “It creates a sense of pride, experience, and validation for my wife and I to be in the branding capital of the world and see a brand you helped create.”

“It was brilliant branding,” he says. “The whole purpose was creating an experience that was bigger than any one person who ordinarily would never have that experience. It had less to do with corporate branding than it did community branding.”