Princess House Launches E-Commerce as New Revenue Stream for Consultants

Photo: Connie Tang, president and CEO of Princess House

Princess House, the Taunton, Mass.-based direct seller of exclusive cookware, food storage and home and entertainment products to support a healthy lifestyle, is celebrating 55 years of direct selling success with a brand transformation that introduces online product availability for the first time.

The 24/7 sales channel creates a new revenue stream for its 25,000-plus independent consultants while addressing increased consumer demand for online purchasing.

“We are rejuvenating and transforming our brand in order to meet the needs of a younger generation that expects the ability to purchase products online,” said Connie Tang, president and CEO of Princess House. “Expanding into the digital space provides our independent consultants with another revenue stream while we continue our commitment to a traditional in-person direct sales model.”

The Princess House e-commerce website is designed to be friendly and accessible, offering a content-rich user experience featuring products, recipes, how-to videos and photographed serving suggestions. The platform leverages the strength of the company’s healthy cooking demonstrations and one-on-one sales initiatives with a built-in opportunity for consultants to interact with online customers to help them in the purchase process or add them to an open party.

“As a company, we are committing to comprehensive training, knowledge and insights for consultants to excite them about embracing the potential of e-commerce,” said Tang. “We will guide them through this new business experience to demonstrate the power of online sales to grow their own business.”

Princess House boasts very high web traffic with millions of visitors annually who find the site organically to discover the brand and its products. The new e-commerce site is designed to be both a destination and a sales tool. In addition to offering products, the site will tell the Princess House story and drive customers to build relationships with independent consultants in their local area.

“Our goal is to encourage consumers to interact, engage and come back to our consultant’s or corporate website by offering a content-rich experience,” said Victoria Vilbrandt, vice president of Marketing, Strategy and Solutions. “We are using e-commerce to maximize business opportunities by converting site visitors into customers and encouraging them to forge relationships with consultants to continue the conversation.”

All Princess House products will be available online. The company will continue its investment in promotions and offers that will be exclusively available through consultant demonstrations.