PM-International Launches PM DirectCash

PM-International recently announced the launch of its new PM DirectCash program, which offers direct online retail income.

After a successful trial phase on the U.S. market earlier this year, the company announced the global launch during its World Management Congress Live Broadcast event held on June 13.

According to the company, PM DirectCash was designed to support all PM-International Team Partners worldwide in their daily business. When signing up for PM DirectCash, Team Partners receive their retail income instantly for every online customer order.

For PM-International CEO and Founder Rolf Sorg, the new feature was the next logical step in the digital transformation of his company:

“Now more than ever, retail business is happening online,: said Sorg. “With that in mind, our goal was to create a fun, simple and instant solution for our Team Partners to get paid in real time, for every retail. Because that’s what direct sales is all about: an extra income opportunity with no risk, the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want and a lot of fun while you build your success.”

With PM DirectCash, PM-International Team Partners now have a fully online way to generate business and create retail income. They can consult their customers from home via video conference and have customers place orders in their personal web shop. These are handled entirely by PM-International within its Customer Direct Program. As soon as the order is paid, the retail income is credited instantly to the Team Partner’s My PMPay e-wallet, a branded payment and retail income infrastructure. From there, the Team Partner can select freely if they want their earnings to be transferred to a bank account, to their My PMPay debit card or to a PayPal account, immediately. This can also be managed on-the-fly with the My PMPay mobile app.

Next to usability, safety was paramount during the development process.

“We are fully focused on payment compliance controls and network security,” said PM-International’s Chief Technology Officer Hartwig Bauer. “Both PM DirectCash and My PMPay are equipped with a number of data protection features and financial network safeguards to help our Team Partners stay secure.”