Perfectly Posh Launches New Compensation Plan

Influencer Pay Plan

Perfectly Posh recently announced a new Influencer Pay Plan that allows anyone who participates to earn instant commission on personal sales.

According to the company, instant commissions will be paid in under five minutes from the time of sale at no additional cost. Additionally, the new compensation plan flattens and simplifies the ancient pyramid structure that breeds frustration and complacency. Instead, Perfectly Posh’s Influencer Pay Plan encourages building a sphere of influence with an easy-to-understand payment structure and an industry-first, simple, and transparent commission structure.

“Our new Influencer Pay Plan transitions away from the more typical pyramid pay structure in direct sales, which is neither simple nor transparent,” said Ann Dalton, founder and CEO of Perfectly Posh. “We’ve taken a modern approach to compensation, ditching the complex and often confusing steps it takes to build a successful business, and replacing it with an easy-to-understand, lucrative two-sphere Influencer plan. Deep down lines? Done for. Complicated team pyramid? Not here. More money? You bet. On average, our leaders will see a 55 percent increase in their pay.”

Traditional direct selling compensation plans typically feature very deep downlines, convoluted rank requirements and other arbitrary factors to make money. Perfectly Posh’s new Influencer Pay Plan features commission on monthly personal sales, up to 40 percent, combined with up to 15 percent commission on two additional spheres.

“We now offer a pay plan that encourages the performance of the individual, coupled with two spheres of direct influence,” said Sam Funk, president of Perfectly Posh. “Our Influencers are paid instantly on their sales based on how hard they work. Since announcing the new Influencer Pay Plan on April 2, 2019, we’ve seen a huge surge in people wanting to participate or participate again—we saw an 18 percent increase of total Influencers in the month of April alone. The response to our vision has been overwhelming and we couldn’t be happier.”

Perfectly Posh’s Influencer Pay Plan, which has a patent pending, rolled out May 1, 2019.