Painting the Channel in a Positive Light

CHANGE HAPPENS! And oh boy, did 2020 ever bring about change! Change in the way we live, the way (and even where) we work and the way we connect with others. As we move into February, we wanted to acknowledge and embrace the positive changes we see in the direct selling channel. The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new is one of my favorite quotes from Socrates. May you find inspiration on building the new 2021 within these pages.

In our cover story, Direct Selling—Redefined, found on page 54, you will discover why industry language and the behaviors that shape it need to change. “The distinction and understanding that the words represent about how our business truly operates, that is really important,” says John Parker, Amway Chief Sales Officer and Regional President West. “In the end, what matters more than the words we put on top of our business are the experiences we’re providing customers.”

Drew Hoffman, President and Chief Legal Officer at Le-Vel, contributed our feature article located on page 46. He shares his expertise and the innovations on compliance happening at Le-Vel. “It is incumbent upon all of us who serve and lead in this industry to set the right tone and send the proper messages throughout our organizations. When we do this, it not only helps our individual companies, it also helps the industry at large,” states Hoffman.

One of the many exciting changes happening at DSN is our new Executive Insights series. Check out our inaugural interview on page 64, with Wayne Moorehead, Chief Marketing Officer at Young Living, interviewing Ryan Napierski, President at Nu Skin.

On page 70, learn about LegalShield and their solutions that help small business owners with the resources they need to move forward in this ever-changing world. “Our services have never been more needed than during the crisis we’re facing this year,” states Glenn Petersen, President of Business Solutions.

In 2020, MONAT chose to “be part of the solution” according to CEO Ray Urdaneta. MONAT had a tremendous year, and their performance is an industry bright spot. “We’ve aimed to strike the right balance between informative and concise…punchy copy, eye-catching social posts, and brief-but-informative videos have all been a part of this approach,” says Colin McCormick, Director of Marketing Communications. Find more inspiration in the MONAT company feature beginning on page 78.

One of DSN’s highlights of 2020 was the introduction of our Customer-Centric Recognition Program. We feel it is essential to be a customer-centric industry where we build strong retail bases, and opportunity seekers will follow.

Find the latest list of Customer-Centric Recognized companies on pages 38 and 39. If you have any questions or want to apply, visit

At Direct Selling News, we endeavor to be a source, resource and thought leader for all in the direct selling channel. So, if you have a suggestion, a need or an inspiration to share, please reach out. We would love to hear from you.

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Patricia White