Our DSA Community


In early January 2020, none of us could have foretold what 2020 would have in store for society and the global community.

At the outset of 2020, we set forth to pursue an agenda that would continue to build direct selling’s reputation as a consumer protection champion. Events and education sought to uncover new opportunities for driving the direct selling channel’s rejuvenation by embracing emerging technologies, a transformed retail landscape, and the unique way Americans work.

Little did we know then the acid test that 2020 had in store for our global society.

The pandemic has reinforced the core values we share as direct sellers and how these ideals are fundamental to who we are. Direct Selling Association members prioritize community, home, and unity. Thanks to their commitment to these guiding principles, DSA members have continued to engage and act together. DSA is proud to serve as the platform where direct selling executives share, learn, and grow from one another’s collective experience as peers.

The power of our Association has put direct selling in a position that sees beyond the uncertainties that we overcame in 2020 with the knowledge that our channel can elevate our community. And as DSA focuses on 2021’s membership renewal season, I am reminded of what we achieved during 2020:

  • Even amid a pandemic lockdown, a record number of DSA members engaged in DSA programs and worked together to ensure that direct sellers played an essential part in our communities’ recovery.
  • DSA and its members continued our efforts in California and elsewhere to affirm the importance of our sellers’ independence, thwarting misguided efforts to reclassify some contractors as employees harm direct sellers and their spirit as “America’s original entrepreneurs.”
  • DSA welcomed new and established direct selling companies into the membership to continue to represent more than 80% of direct selling in the United States.
  • We continued to support our self-regulatory efforts to ensure that direct selling has the best reputation for customer service and salesforce opportunity.
  • The 50-plus installments of the DSA ENGAGE Webinar Series, together with virtual DSA events such as The Change MakersDSA’s Legal & Regulatory SeminarDSA ENGAGE @Home, theDSA Tax Seminar,and Direct Selling Day on Capitol Hill, empowered DSA member company executives to navigate this global health crisis.
  • The work of protecting consumers and salespeople from scams and frauds continued undaunted, as the Association took steps to demand clear, consistent, and reasonable legal standards from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other regulators.
  • Developed theDirect Selling Compliance Professional Certification Program (DSCP-CP)that, starting in January 2021, will offer direct selling executives the opportunity to be recognized as they gain a demonstrated understanding of critical legal and regulatory compliance issues.
  • DSA has continued to advance direct selling’s reputation as being more than just a needed distribution channel: we are increasingly known as America’s neighbors, friends, and relatives. We are viewed as playing a vital role in bringing life back to normal.

I urge our members to take action and renew today. And, if your company is not currently in the DSA membership, consider joining with us. #community #strongertogether