Noevir U.S.A. to Donate Portion of Sales to Manaslu Foundation


Noevir U.S.A. is donating a portion of its skin care sales to help with conservation efforts in Nepal.

Tokyo, Japan-based Noevir Co., Ltd., Noevir U.S.A.’s parent company, started the Noevir Green Charity as a fundraising project aimed at natural environment conservation and social contribution. The charity has made a total of 17 continuous donations to the Manaslu Foundation, a school-building project for Himalayan children.

In an effort to expand the activities of the Noevir Green Charity, Noevir U.S.A. has begun donating part of the sales of its vegan-based skincare, Vie de Light, to the fund. Noevir, as a group, will continue working to ensure that the children of the future can inherit a rich natural environment, while receiving proper education.

Established by alpinist Ken Noguchi in 2006, the Manaslu Foundation built a school in 2012 and is currently conducting tree-planting around the school as part of its “Forest Revival Project.” The goal is to plant 30,000 trees by 2020.