NewAge, Inc. Announces Agreement to Acquire Japan-based Direct Selling Brand

NewAge, Inc. announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Aliven, Inc., adding the Japan-based direct selling company to its portfolio of e-commerce and direct selling brands.

“We see this latest partnership as an opportunity to expand our Japan market at an even faster pace,” said Brent Willis, NewAge Chief Executive Officer. “We will begin our integration plan immediately, as we first move to cross-pollinate our products and business platform. Our vision for this union is large-scale and not only creates more opportunities for all of our representatives but furthers our vision to become the world’s leading social selling and distribution company.”

Aliven is expected to bring approximately $25 million in annualized revenue to the Japan market and the NewAge global presence. The 15-year old company has become well-respected within the Japanese market and offers a portfolio of differentiated health products related to far infrared technology.

In the next year, the synergistic partnership is expected to grow opportunities within the Japan market, strengthen the Aliven field leadership culture through adaptation of the NewAge recognition and rewards programs, and increase the NewAge network in Japan by 150,000 representatives.

“By integrating the strengths and talents of the international multi-level marketing sector with NewAge, we at Aliven will have numerous opportunities for professional, personal and financial growth,” said Yasuyuki Oi, President of Aliven. “There will be no more boundaries and this opportunity will only provide Aliven Distributors with more resources, more products and the opportunity for greater international expansion.”