New DSN Digital 100 Provides Insight on Direct Selling’s Digital Leaders

DSN Digital 100

Starting with the July 2019 issue, Direct Selling News is introducing a new monthly ranking, the DSN Digital 100, that will offer added insight on the digital marketing efforts of direct selling companies.

The goal of the DSN Digital 100 is to see who within the direct sales industry is executing a sound social media strategy in furthering their brand goals by showcasing the Top 25 companies in four areas:

  • Social Media Size – the combination of Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers.
  • Social Media Engagement – the average engagement rate that leads to increased reach, awareness and influence.
  • 30-Day Unique Visitors – the number of individual people coming to a site within a 30-day period.
  • 30-Day Pageviews – the “stickiness” of a site’s user experience.

Traditionally, the direct sales channel has been much slower than other industries in adopting digital marketing since the word-of-mouth marketing model is the basis of the sales funnel. However, with social media and mobile access to the internet now one of the most ubiquitous facets of modern society, direct selling companies need a sound digital strategy to complement their traditional tactics.

DSN performed analysis for the initial list over a 30-day period between April 1 and May 1, 2019, using various monitoring services to track key metrics of 51 direct sales brands online. To create the ranking system, DSN used a mix of native site reporting, as well as third-party tools Sprout Social, Phlanx and SocialRank. For site insights, was used to estimate traffic and pageviews.

The DSN Digital 100 will be published monthly, both in print and online. To submit your company for consideration, contact

To download DSN Digital 100 click here.