New Direct Selling Company: Gracewear Collection

Gracewear Collection, a Cashiers, North Carolina-based lifestyle company, founded by sisters Wendy Strong Lupas and Mary Strong Blackburn, recently launched its purposeful jewelry and accessories brand in the direct selling channel.

Gracewear’s purpose is to inspire “Women for Victorious Living through the Shield of Faith Collection.” The signature trademarked Shield of Faith design of Gracewear is meant to be a subtle yet powerful reminder to be “covered in God’s Protection, Mercy and Grace.”

Lupas and Blackburn are on a mission to create a powerful Christian lifestyle brand that encourage women daily. After seven years of building the Shield of Faith Collection in the wholesale marketplace, they are looking forward to transitioning the brand to a more intentional personal direct sales model, where they believe it will have meaningful impact on the women who represent the mission and the women in crisis they feel called to serve.

“We look so forward to joining the new social selling revolution and creating a team of strong, courageous women called ‘Gracewear Warriors’ to represent our mission and vision,” says, co-founder Wendy Lupas. Our Warriors have the opportunity to build a powerful business while sharing their own personal journey and story of grace in personal social settings called ‘Gracewear Gatherings.’ ”

Gracewear Collection has applied for membership in the Direct Selling Association.