Neora/FTC to Be Single Case in North Texas District

Neora’s lawsuit against the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been dismissed by a Federal Court.

Last November, right after Neora filed suit alleging that the FTC was attempting to improperly change direct selling laws, the FTC filed a lawsuit against Neora (formerly known as Nerium) and its owner Jeffrey Olson, alleging that Neora and Olson have been operating a pyramid scheme.

Recently Neora was successful in having the lawsuit transferred from New Jersey to Texas. The court found that New Jersey’s ties to the FTC’s filed case “are tenuous, at best,” including arguments the FTC presented regarding ties to New Jersey through Neora’s manufacturing process. The end-result was no substantive reason for not moving the FTC’s case to Texas, and so it was ordered on July 27.

On August 31, U.S. District Judge Sara Ellis granted the FTC’s motion to dismiss on the grounds that the claims presented are not ripe for judicial resolution and for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.

“Following the ruling to transfer the case from the FTC’s preferred venue in New Jersey, to our hometown of Dallas, Texas, we requested the dismissal in order to file our counter claims in Dallas and combine this into a single case,” said Deborah Heisz, Neora’s co-CEO. “Neora and Jeff Olson look forward to challenging the FTC’s overreach. As we said from the very beginning, we intend to defend ourselves and stand up for our industry with vigor.”