Neora Announces New Weight Management & Wellness System

Neora, known for its anti-aging skin and hair care products, announced the launch of NeoraFit Weight Management and Wellness System. Through this new line, Neora will offer customers a collection of innovative nutritional supplements to combine with a fitness program that offers sustainable routines and habits to support healthy lifestyles.

“Neora is committed to providing tools to live a healthier and happier life, which is why we are excited to launch NeoraFit,” said Neora Co-Founder and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Amber Olson Rourke. “This program offers everything you need to create and maintain a balanced lifestyle. By combining nutritionals that support your body around the clock with a system of easy-to-adopt healthy habits–plus accountability and support from our Brand Partners–we have created an all-inclusive program that’s simple and sustainable for everyone.”

NeoraFit supplements come from the company’s collaboration with experts in the field of fat loss, and the program is focused on encouraging positive behavioral change rather than gimmicks or rapid weight loss.

“We have spent years researching the right ingredients and technologies with the goal of helping others create a sustainably fit lifestyle,” says Founder and CEO Jeff Olson. “NeoraFit’s line of innovative supplements stays true to our promise of providing natural and clean formulas backed by science.”