Nature’s Sunshine Enters CBD Market

CBD market

Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. recently announced that it will enter the CBD market with a full line of hemp-derived CBD products.

Scientists at the company’s Hughes Center for Research and Innovation have developed a series of proprietary products containing whole spectrum hemp extracts containing naturally occurring CBD that deliver targeted levels of phytocannabinoids to trigger specific cannabinoid receptors in the body. Scientists at the Hughes Center have also leveraged the company’s industry-leading expertise in herbal supplements to integrate unique and proprietary combinations of natural herbs, phyto-nutrients and herbal essential oils to optimize performance.

According to the company, this hybrid approach results in a targeted and effective CBD product that naturally helps keep the endocannabinoid system in balance, meaning that the body can perform at its optimal level.

“We are excited to be entering the CBD market with a unique line of products that take CBD to the next level by redefining quality and performance,” said Terrence Moorehead, president and chief executive officer. “What’s more, consumers know they can trust Nature’s Sunshine because of our high standards, in-depth quality testing, and award-winning production. We believe Nature’s Sunshine is uniquely qualified to take the fast-growing CBD industry in the right direction and offer consumers the best most reliable products on the market.”

The full line of products will be released across multiple distribution channels. Strong emphasis will be placed on traceability and improved sourcing which will allow Nature’s Sunshine to deliver active compounds that offer better performance, quality and transparency while improving the overall consumer experience.