MyDailyChoice Prepares for Mexico Launch


The multi-brand company MyDailyChoice has announced its pre-launch into Mexico.

“We understand the enormous potential of the Mexico market, so I am dedicated to building a world-class operation in Mexico City to ensure our affiliates and customers are fulfilled through the products and opportunity,” says Chief Operating Officer Kathleen Earle.

A select line of MyDailyChoice products will be available for purchase immediately, including Mantra Essential Oils, Mantra Chakra Blends, High Life Travel and digital cryptocurrency platform Akashx. The company’s leadership expects a fully functioning boots-on-the-ground operation by early 2021.

“Mexico represents a huge opportunity for our Affiliates, and a new market we believe will be very excited about the incredible products we’ve been able to offer so far,” says Chief Executive Officer and Founder Josh Zwagil. “We are looking forward to expanding with even more products very shortly.”

The company is currently rolling out a 90-day plan in the new market that will gradually add local merchant processing, faster shipping times and an expanded product selection to its presence in Mexico.