MyDailyChoice Appoints Dr. James Sharkey As Chief Science Officer

MyDailyChoice recently announced the hire of Dr. Jim Sharkey as chief science officer.

In his new role, Dr. Sharkey will oversee product formulations and new product development for all MyDailyChoice brands.

Dr. Sharkey is a veteran of the United States Naval Nuclear Power program with a specialization in Nuclear Plant and Steam Plant Water Chemistry. He graduated magna cum laude from Florida Atlantic University with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry with a research emphasis in Natural Products Chemistry. In addition, Dr. Sharkey earned a doctorate of Philosophy in Biomedical Sciences with a research emphasis in cell signaling, neuroscience and cell physiology.

“Dr. Sharkey brings a rare combination of strategic product formulation and cannabinoid science expertise to our corporate team. I believe this will give us a significant product edge over our competitors,” said Josh Zwagil, CEO of MyDailyChoice.

Dr. Sharkey has applied his skillset to develop highly effective products in the CBD industry.

“I am very excited to join the MyDailyChoice team,” said Sharkey. “They have built an amazing reputation for quality products and as chief science officer, I will use my scientific expertise and experience in the hemp industry to develop the next generation of products for the company.”