MONAT Global Donates More Than $123,000 to Breast Cancer Nonprofits

MONAT Global Corp’s philanthropic arm MONAT Gratitude, Inc. raised $123,736 through the sale of their Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Keychain. Keychains retailed for $6 and were sold throughout October. All of the net profits will benefit the following organizations:

  • Bright Pink
  • Hello Gorgeous!
  • American Cancer Society
  • Rethink Breast Cancer, Canada
  • OnkoCafe
  • FutureDreams

“We’re thrilled to have the support of MONAT to help raise awareness for breast cancer,” says Arleen Uria-Speed, executive director of the American Cancer Society. “Thanks to the support of partners like MONAT, the American Cancer Society is there for people in every community affected by breast cancer, whether they’re currently dealing with a diagnosis, may face one in the future, or will avoid it altogether because of education and risk reduction.”

MONAT also donated products to Hello Gorgeous! and Rethink Breast Cancer. MONAT Gratitude was established in 2014 when the company was launched, and has been an important part of the company’s culture, focusing on families, children and education.