Melaleuca Celebrates $2 Billion in Annual Sales

Melaleuca, an Idaho Falls, Idaho-based direct seller natural nutritional and household products, recently reached a milestone event in the company’s history. On Dec. 26, CEO Frank VanderSloot shared the news that the wellness company had reached $2 billion in annual sales.

The milestone was celebrated at a gathering at the company’s central headquarters where a screen counted up to the $2 billion mark. Once the sales reached the milestone, confetti rained down on employees.

“I think the fact that we’ve hit the $2 billion mark says something for our people and says something for our product line,” VanderSloot said. “I’m really proud of our people, not only about where we come from and where we are but how we got here.”

VanderSloot attributed a large part of the growth to the quality of the company’s products. He believes the more expensive ingredients, natural base and the fact that they are better for the environment help set Melaleuca for growth. He also attributes the company’s success to being one of the first to use e-commerce.

In December, VanderSloot announced that the company’s surplus cash gained from the new tax-overhaul bill will be given to Melaleuca’s 2,000 U.S. employees, who will receive bonuses of $100 for every year they have been with the company.