Mannatech Do Good Feel Good Promotion Gives Back to Seniors

Mannatech, through its Do Good Feel Good promotion, will donate two free bottles of its ImmunoSTART® supplement for each ImmunoSTART ®4-pack bundle purchased. Donations will benefit Seniors Helping Seniors, an in-home care service that empowers seniors to continue to live independent lives.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Mannatech in such a worthy cause,” says Sandi Niccum, Partner at Seniors Helping Seniors in Minnesota. “Mannatech’s gracious donations of ImmunoSTART® are much appreciated and will go a long way in helping ensure the immune support needs of our senior caregivers.”

Mannatech’s donations are being made as an expression of gratitude for healthcare workers who have worked heroically during the pandemic and sacrificed their own health for the good of others.

“A healthy functioning immune system is essential throughout every season, especially for those on the front lines taking care of our vulnerable” says Al Bala, Mannatech President and CEO. “That is why we are so honored for the opportunity to partner with the Seniors Helping Seniors organization, who do such a wonderful job in serving our seniors live empowered lives.”

ImmunoSTART® is a year-round supplement used to support healthy immune function.