Juice Plus+ Attracts Moms with Genuine, Authentic Value

Authenticity and a genuine desire to help others are at the heart of the direct sales industry. The “Juice Plus+ Presents Motherhood” program illustrates that perfectly, helping moms create a healthy lifestyle for their family.

The program is part of the company’s Healthy Starts for Families initiative to inspire healthy living and help families make meaningful lifestyle changes. This is done in two main steps. The first is by providing recipes and educational content to help families improve what Juice Plus+ identifies as the core pillars of wellness: fitness, nutrition, hydration and sleep. The second is by documenting positive changes real families are making through short testimonials and stories. Qualifying customers can even receive free product.

Tackling Issues Important to Moms

Through the Motherhood program, real moms talk about how small, healthy changes have made a big difference in their families, and how they have overcome certain challenges. Video episodes are posted on the Juice Plus+ website and Facebook page. In one episode, four moms sit down to discuss how they overcome the chaos of getting their kids ready for school in the morning, and how to get their kids to eat healthy meals.

“Most of the time, it’s having them help me cook and seeing where the food comes from,” Georgette, a mom of three, says in the episode. When asked what healthy habits they would like to start for their families, Sarah, a working mom of two, says that she wants to find healthy meals that the whole family will eat. Cera says she wants her kids to be more active outside. Angela wants to be able to invest more in herself so she can be a better mom.

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Education Wins the Day, Not Promotion

In another episode, another group of moms were asked how they fit nutrition into their kids’ meals. “I actually blend it with smoothies…it works pretty well,” Artavia says. “I put spinach in the meatloaf. If you blend it in, you don’t see it,” another mom adds. The group also talks about how they maintain their own health, juggling their jobs, homes and families.

The setting and tone of the videos is anything but promotional. Instead, they are educational and value-driven but are still aimed at their target market of busy moms. In addition to the videos, the initiative includes the company’s Family Health Study. Families can enroll in the study, which includes Juice Plus+ products for eight months and a survey asking about the family’s health changes. Results reveal that 66 percent say their kids were visiting the doctor less, and 71 percent said they were consuming less fast food and soft drinks.