Joining to Share Our Strengths

Direct Selling Association

Direct selling is strongest when we come together as a family and share our experience, insights and strengths.

We all know how Amazon has impacted competition on the product side of our business, and the emerging gig economy players that rely on independent contractors have brought even more disruption to the marketplace. We delight in finding the exciting new approaches that companies use to grow their bottom lines, as well as bring new success to their direct selling independent contractors who are America’s original entrepreneurs.

Sharing these insights at the DSA Fall Conference 2018 is how we will raise all ships across direct selling’s fullest spectrum—this is an event that you cannot afford to miss.

Hundreds of sales trainers, tech gurus, legal eagles and marketing professionals will explore the programs and strategies that today’s direct selling leaders use to defy the market’s disruptive forces and compete in new ways. Workshops will delve into the strategies that enable companies to compete even more aggressively in the evolving gig-economy. Participants will learn from one another’s successes in order to fine-tune their 2019 outlooks.

General Session keynotes will explore the megatrends shaping the future of business and consumer behavior, as well as the lessons learned from FORTUNE 500 companies that have used disruptive innovation to adapt. In addition to launching the new Social Selling Council (SSC) that will shape the vision for how we use social media to market, we will explore technology’s newest potential to generate social selling insights, and how it can help us better understand today’s consumers’ demands and needs.

So many companies have found success as they’ve opened new markets, and the one-day, pre-conference Doing Business in Canada Seminar will show how our northern neighbor—with its stable economy, strong consumer sentiment, predominantly English-speaking population and close proximity to the U.S.—could be your first step towards a global future.

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DSA Direct Selling Boot Camp is another one-day, pre-conference seminar where you can focus on your business, onboard new executives and learn best practices from leading direct selling executives who do what you do every day. This is where you get “back-to-basics” insights and peer-imparted wisdom.

While the new Direct Selling Self-Regulation Council (DS-SRC) will do so much to protect consumers and make direct selling more competitive than before, it also provides a new business context that has implications for every company that uses the direct selling channel as a go to market strategy. DSA Fall Conference 2018 will explore what this game-changing new normal means for companies and the industry, and its implications for protecting the independent contractors who are our businesses’ lifeblood.

At this moment, one thing cannot be clearer: in spite of today’s market disruption, DSA member companies are revolutionizing their thinking to compete in ways that disrupt the disruptors, capture market share and thrive in a redefined competitive landscape.

The DSA Fall Conference 2018 is the most important event of the year. Come build new friendships and strengthen long-standing relationships that can transform your business. Interact with other direct selling executives, representatives from government agencies, noted academics and researchers.

This is a cannot miss event—see you in Arlington!

Melissa Brunton

Melissa Brunton, Senior Vice President, Education & Meeting Services, DSA.