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These High Achievers Have Reached $100 Million in Growth in One Year

Last July, we wrote a cover story (DSN, “The $100 Million Growth Club,” July 2014) about the remarkable achievement of a handful of companies on the DSN Global 100 list—racking up $100 million or more in sales growth in one single year. Last year as we looked at this milestone, we became aware of how rare it is for any company to achieve $100 million; so rare, in fact, that $100 million in annual sales is a remarkable benchmark. Why? Because at that level of revenue, a company matters; it has significant economic impact through the creation of jobs and revenue in the community.

If a $100 million revenue threshold makes a company important, then what does that say about a company that can reach $100 million in growth in a single year? Its impact clearly is significant. Here at DSN, we were excited to once again look at the companies that have achieved this major milestone.

For 2014 revenue, we had five newcomers to the $100 Million Growth Club: Cosway (Japan) increased $309 million; New Era (Japan) increased $250 million; WorldVentures (U.S.) increased $157 million; Rodan + Fields (U.S.) increased $134 million; and Naturally Plus (Japan) increased $114 million.

Remarkably, a stunning 69 percent of last year’s $100 Million Growth Club achievers are repeat achievers, growing $100 million or more in another single year.

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