John Fleming Pens Open Letter to New Avon CEO Paul Yi

Luis Vázquez

LG Household & Health Care’s acquisition of the North American operations of New Avon LLC announced back in April went through earlier this month. In connection with this transaction, Former President of Coca-Cola Korea Company Paul Yi has assumed the CEO duties from Laurie Ann Goldman, who led New Avon for the past eight months.

John Fleming, Direct Selling Hall of Famer and former Publisher & Editor in Chief of Direct Selling News penned an open welcome letter to the CEO.


August 26, 2019


TO: Mr. Paul Yi, LG H&H, New CEO – New Avon LLC

The purpose of this letter is to let you know that there are many who found your recent letter to Avon Representatives to be the equivalent of a breath of fresh air. Many of us became aware of your letter through friends and relatives, affiliated with New Avon, who shared your message. Your letter is a demonstration of leadership that recognizes the Avon Representative as the focus of the brand and the chosen channel of distribution. 

Some of us, who have great memories of working for one of the great companies of all time, have been mystified by some of the decisions made over the past 10 years. The company made it so confusing for her (the Avon Representative), her customers and those she recruited as Avon Representatives. However, in one letter, you made so many things so very clear: an acknowledgement of the company’s great history, looking to the future, no more band-aids, earning the right to be winners, a focus on the next quarter of a century – not the next quarter, a willingness to invest, to be strategic, a commitment to the Avon Representative and the direct selling model! 

In one letter, I personally know that you re-ignited belief within the company for the company and provided those of us outside of the company with new optimism relative to the future of a direct selling legacy. As you also stated in your letter; “Clarity is a powerful management force.”

In a very bold move, you immediately announced elimination of the biggest channel conflict created by any direct selling company over recent years – using the internet and e-commerce functions ( to compete with Avon Representatives vs using online tools to exclusively support Avon Representatives. You closed your letter with a very simple but concise statement that spoke volumes about how you intend to approach your new responsibility: “With the combination of Avon and LG H&H now complete, we have the wind at our backs like never before. It is our time. Let’s get busy.”

It is my hope, our hope, that your recent letter to New Avon LLC Representatives will awaken a sleeping giant. Direct selling worldwide needs your example, of insight and courage to do the right thing. I am very premature in giving you too much credit however, I have been around this business model long enough to recognize insight, authenticity and courage in decision making and that is what I believe many have recognized in your letter. 

Welcome to New Avon, LLC and welcome to direct selling! On behalf of all who are involved in the positive health and future of the direct selling model, we wish for you and the L.G. Team much success!

John T. Fleming

Direct Selling Hall of Fame

Direct Selling Education Foundation Circle of Honor

Direct Selling News Lifetime Achiever

Passionate Advocate