Jeremy Redd Appointed Zija International President & CEO

Jeremy Redd Appointed Zija International President & CEO

Zija International announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Jeremy Redd as president and chief executive officer, effective immediately.

“During this transformative growth period at Zija International, there is no one better to take the reins than Jeremy Redd,” said Ryan Palmer, Zija’s former president and current member of the Board of Directors. “Jeremy is an empowering leader with the ability to organize and execute aggressive growth. His vision for the company’s future is something we have been looking for as we have prepared to take Zija to the next level.”

Redd previously held strong leadership positions both domestically and internationally in various health and wellness companies.

“I am honored to step into the role of Zija’s next president and CEO,” Redd said. “It has been a privilege to work alongside both Ken Brailsford and Ryan Palmer over the last few months to fully understand the attainable goals they’ve set and realize the incredible area of expansion Zija has stepped into because of their leadership.”

Zija’s founder and former CEO, Ken Brailsford, will remain the chairman of the Board of Directors, and Ryan Palmer, will remain on Zija’s Board of Directors and play a key advisor role in the company.